The company Kotsakostoudis K. Vassilios & partners ADVISOR ENGINEERS is specialized and occupied mainly with the fields of studying-supervising, technical support, application, also in all kind of consulting issues regarding the fields of enterprising and business building licensing, as well as in the fields of occupational health and safety, building fire protection, product certification, environmental seals of approval and vehicle issues.

Our company is qualified with the know-how to provide complete scientific and technical knowledge through a team of ADVISOR ENGINEERS, with quality certified services and excellent comprehension and continual update in Greek and International Legislation.
The rendering of total quality services for our clients is the essence of our services.

Kotsakostoudis K. Vassilios & partners ADVISOR ENGINEERS:

  1. Has great experience due to the occupation with multiple fields.
  2. Provides credible and confident solutions to investors
    supporting them in all aspects.
  3. Company executives and Partners are constantly trained
    in every aspect so as to improve the quality of services
    as well as the final outcome provided.

About us

The engineering company KOTSAKOSTOUDIS K. VASSILIOS & PARTNERS advisor engineers, is activated and specializes in full licensing, studying, supervision, technical support and implementation, as well as in the field of occupational health and safety.

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